Well Entry

As we all seek safe ways to return to work, play, and school during the COVID-19 pandemic, WellEntry by 7Factor offers a simple smartphone – and tablet-based solution that helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases. WellEntry empowers you to effectively and efficiently screen large populations of people for symptoms, and mitigate any outbreaks. It’s secure, scalable, and fully HIPAA-compliant. When the time is right to bring people back together, be prepared with the safest solution: WellEntry by 7Factor.

The client had a temporary logo which looked very like the COVID-19 virus and they felt it was not fit for purpose. They were looking for something a little more positive, and something that communicates safety, responsibility, and openness.

I drew inspiration from the shape of a heart pulse wave that is an almost universally accepted symbol of health. I modified the peaks and troughs to resemble the shape of a letter ‘W’. I also modified the start and end points to a dot and arrow to imply direction, screening and progression. I used a medical tech inspired colour scheme along with a modern technical looking typeface with curves to suggest openness and safety.