Webio Landing Page & Illustrations

Webio is a customer engagement platform that sits between businesses and their customers to seamlessly orchestrate customer conversations over any messaging channels at scale. Using Conversational AI, machine learning and NLU Webio use a ‘blended AI’ approach to customer engagement that lets Webio chatbots work alongside human agents to seamlessly engage with customers.

Webio wanted to convert more users by updating the content of some of their landing pages. They also required some new customer success pages with custom spot illustrations. Having worked with the brand before I was able to quickly come up with some new design options. Initially we went with more character driven illustrations but felt we needed to explain the tech and what’s literally happening step by step via animated infographic style banners. This would give potential clients a great feel for how a live chat bot interaction could play out. This method succinctly demonstrates how effortlessly and smoothly the technology works and makes it an easy sell for potential clients.