The Fisherman’s Table


A new fishing company in Co. Wexford required a fresh branding strategy to go with their new business name: The Fisherman’s Table. I was tasked with creating a disruptive brand that would be energetic, youthful yet still have strong roots in quality and retain the artisan craft of the fishmonger.


Kilmore Quay is a fishing and tourist village in Co. Wexford. Famed for its traditional thatched cottages, world class angling and beautiful beaches. The client wanted to create a new brand that would appeal to the locals and the tourists who might expect to find a more premium looking fish brand.


After researching the local area and it’s wildlife to see if there was a strong association with one fish or animal in particular. I worked my way through different creating directions including puffins (there is a colony on a nearby island), hooks and other nautical elements. I felt after my research and brand exploration that the best direction to take was using the business name alongside a supporting mark that also contains a monogram of F for Fisherman’s and T for Table.

Option 1 uses modern typography alongside a serving containing two fish.Each fish has an initial of the brand name ‘F’ and ‘T’ drawn across them. This logo could be used as a stand alone in smaller sizes or locked up with the text as shown right.A holding company established date has been added to give a sense of tradition, heritage and experience.Including ‘Kilmore Quay’ further enhances and links the logo to Kilmore. Gold on navy gives the brand a premium feel.

Option 2 uses modern typography with an old shop front signage feel to it. The lines behind the main text give added depth and a craft or handmade feel to the overall look. Again established date has been added to give a sense of tradition, heritage and experience. Including ‘Kilmore Quay’ and ‘Co. Wexford’ further enhances and links the logo to Kilmore and Ireland. White on orange gives an eye-catching vibrant feel and is a nice change from the traditional blue and green colours used by competitors.

Option 3 uses a more lively typeface we have customised it to resemble a wave and the sea. A swash has been added to the ‘A’ of ‘TABLE’ this ties in well with the concept of movement, the sea and fish. By adding two circles to these shapes we’ve created two fish. This fish are then linked to the ‘Table’ through the sea which is a nice connection.

Option 4 is a fun forward thinking logo and branding option. We’ve used a simple abstract fish shape taken from the typeface to form the shape of a fish. The typeface we’ve used is friendly, informal and fun. It looks great at large sizes, across packaging and when writing witty advertising copy. A wave device is positioned underneath to anchor the logo to ‘Kilmore Quay’ below. This logo has been shown as a fresh yellow on purple colour (a nod to Wexford’s county colours). But it has been tested on lots of other bright colours and works really well.


The client chose the first option and after some refinement it was ready to be used across a wide variety of mediums including; store signage, window decals, flyers, business cards, online, billboards and fish packaging. I paired it with a fish scales pattern, some old encyclopedia style fish illustrations and some witty copy to grab people’s attention and help it stand out for the other generic brands in this space.