Tasty Beats Festival

The Ask

While working in Pluto I was given free reign to come up with a novel design approach to a food festival pitch. The idea was that this would look more like a music festival than a food event. This brief allowed my imagination to run wild and combine a food and music festival theme together.


I steered away from the obvious food festival style of scripted typography combined with silhouettes of knives, forks, fruit and veg. Instead I led with strong, colourful imagery of food combined with musical elements. Pairing food and music was very enjoyable, who wouldn’t like a vinyl-pizza or ice-cream microphone? Donuts in your speaker? I’d like to hear the sweet acoustics out of that combination. To tie the elements together I used different design elements of a glitch style. This felt like a natural choice to give all of the artwork an edgy music festival feel but still remain playful and fun. Finally I used old wooden boards and crates for structural items such as the festival entrance and the stage.