Ireland’s Blockchain, Crypto and Web3 Strategy Paper

Blockchain Ireland is an innovation network focused on the promotion of blockchain, crypto and Web3 in Ireland.

The paper entitled Ireland’s Blockchain, Crypto and Web3 Future, sets out a vision for Ireland to become a global Web3 hub, built on expertise through blockchain and crypto technologies.

As lead designer, it was inspiring to be involved in such an important paper that would be submitted to the Irish Government to help develop a national strategy and implementation plan.

The original document was over 100 pages in length and very text heavy. With a tight deadline of 2-3 weeks I had to work fast on the art direction and layout. With such a text heavy document it needed to be made visually interesting with plenty of compelling imagery, infographics and colour.

I created moodboards showing my preferred typography, colour palettes, photography, infographics, gradients and abstract design elements. I combined my vision for this project into sample spreads which the client loved. With everything signed off the full document design could get underway.

The strategy paper was complete within the deadlines and was shared with the The Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe T.D and online before printed copies were sent out to other government officials.

The document has received a lot of praise for its content and design and will greatly help the Irish Government to develop a strategy and implementation plan for this important space and emerging technology.