Seeking Social Changes through Culture

Dublin’s Culture Connects has begun the implementation of Dublin City Council’s Culture Strategy 2016-2021. It comprises a programme of activities and projects which seek to build on engagement and connection/re-connection in the city through partnerships that are meaningful to citizens of Dublin. These programmes focus on creating space for experimentation, modelling new partnerships and testing ways of working.

I was given the opportunity to work with the amazing people in Dublin’s Culture Connects in helping them to develop a brand identity, strategy document, website, email newsletter and many other on going pieces of artwork.

Molecules, Maps and DNA

These were the three potential themes I used for logo exploration. They were chosen as they related well to the design brief and steered clear of using more obvious associations with Dublin and it’s Landmarks.

After some back and forth we decided that the molecules theme was the strongest option presented. The letters DCC were abstracted into connected molecule shapes and arrange next to one another in an organic arrangement. The mark has a really nice hidden negative space shape within it. Initially you will notice it is a letter D also made up of two C’s but the space between the D and the two C’s forms a face which represents the people of Dublin, the living ever -evolving and growing life of the city that strives forward connected by culture and each other.

Online Repository

We worked with Dublin’s Culture Connects to first develop a blog and then a fully fledged online repository for blog posts, images and videos. This responsive and mobile friendly website is constantly growing and evolving with the initiative. Visit Dublin’s Culture Connects to take a look and get involved.

Top n’ Tail

Dublin’s Culture Connects are producing wonderful video content to document the projects taking place all around the city. Each video needed an introduction and closing animation to both brand and give the viewers more information on each project.

Read All About It

Each month we prepare a newsletter that gets mailed out to all of the subsribers on the DCC’s mailing list

These emails are created in HTML and sent out via Mailchimp to ensure they look pixel perfect when they are successfully delivered to each recipient’s inbox.